3 Chicago White Sox early 2023 season trade targets

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3. Gleyber Torres - 2B - Yankees

Gleyber Torres could easily play second-base for the Chicago White Sox.

If the White Sox do want to make a change at second base, there are a few options out there. Well, trading for Gleyber Torres might be amongst the best options to consider.

Of course, the New York Yankees would have to be actively shopping him but that will all depend how their season goes. They play in a very tough AL East Division that is looking like it could have five teams over .500.

Torres would be perfect for the White Sox at this point. He'd come in and be the new second baseman on a regular basis right away and there really wouldn't be much of an argument about it.

Of all the trades on the table for the White Sox this year, this would be amongst the most exciting. The Yankees have seen him in rumors for a while now but haven't been able to get anything done. Maybe that means they don't want to actually move him but you never know.

If the White Sox are foolish enough to think they don't need to rebuild, it would at least be nice to see them try to win.

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