3 Chicago White Sox Players Who Could Follow Dylan Cease Out The Door

3 White Sox players could follow Dylan Cease out of the door very soon.
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
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Eloy Jimenez is someone who could hit tons of home runs somewhere else.

Eloy Jimenez is a very good hitter. We've seen him hit an incredible amount of home runs throughout his MLB career so far but he can't stay healthy.

When he is on the field, he can show off his power with regularity. If he went to another team and stayed healthy, he'd get back to being a star player.

If there is a team out there willing to give up a nice haul for Jimenez, the White Sox should be all over it. Again, there is no reason to keep an injury-prone power hitter that can't play defense if you are rebuilding.

There are plenty of World Series contenders that would love to add a hitter like Jimenez to come in and be the fifth or sixth hitter in their lineup. He'd fit in well in a lot of situations as long as he stayed healthy.