3 Chicago White Sox Players Who Could Follow Dylan Cease Out The Door

3 White Sox players could follow Dylan Cease out of the door very soon.

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
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Gavin Sheets might be someone shopping around for a trade.

The Chicago White Sox should be trying to see what they could get for Gavin Sheets. A big left-handed power bat isn't easy to come by these days.

When you think of players who might thrive in a better situation, Gavin Sheets has to be near the top of the list. He is at least in the team photo.

For his entire stint in the MLB since 2021, Sheets has been misused. Being an everyday outfielder is not good for him or his game. He is paid to mash baseballs from the left side of the plate, not play right field.

His natural position is first base so if he has to play there it is fine but he is best suited for limited defensive responsibilities. There are plenty of teams out there that may be willing to take a chance on a first baseman with a ton of offensive upside from the left side.

Don't be surprised if Sheets or any of these guys are sent packing not long after this Cease trade. They are clearly in a full-blown rebuild so all of these guys could be on borrowed White Sox time.