3 Chicago White Sox players that deserve less playing time

The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team and some players don't deserve to play much.
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. They could go on to be the 30th-place team by the end of the year. If that happened, nobody should be surprised.

There are a lot of reasons for this madness. The coaches, front office and ownership deserve most of the blame but the talent on the roster isn't there either. Players don't deserve zero blame.

Although the White Sox swept their weekend series, nobody should change their mind about them. The Sox winning the three games ended a seven game losing streak and was the first time they won two in a row all season (let alone three).

That will probably be the last time they sweep a series this season. It is sad to have this mindset but it is the way it is right now.

These three players deserve to have their playing time reduced based on their production so far this season...

Andrew Benintendi is looking like the worst contract in White Sox history

The Chicago White Sox pay Andrew Benintendi a lot of money. However, he hasn't been worth much of it since coming to the team.

Over the weekend he had a big weekend and they won some games as a result. That should annoy White Sox fans even more because it is clear that everything would be different if he lived up to his contract.

He deserves less playing time because of how bad he's been. Don't let one good weekend fool you. A guy with a .521 OPS should not be playing as often as he does. It doesn't matter how much he makes.