3 Chicago White Sox players that deserve less playing time

The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team and some players don't deserve to play much.
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It is time to stop giving Braden Shewmake a ton of playing time

Braden Shewmake was a nice story early in the season but his stats have been terrible for a few weeks now.

Right now, he sits with a slash of .171/.186/.293 with an OPS of .497. Those are some of the worst numbers on the entire team right now.

He gets time at shortstop because they need someone to actually play the position but there has to be someone else that could do it at a replacement level while hitting better than shewmake.

He wouldn't be on the MLB roster of any team in the league yet the White Sox have him playing semi-regularly. There is no reason that this guy should be on this team right now.

At minimum, he needs to be getting significantly less playing time than he is right now. This doesn't mean that he'll never be a good player but he would be better elsewhere in the organization right now.