3 Chicago White Sox players that deserve less playing time

The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team and some players don't deserve to play much.
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Nicky Lopez plays a lot for the White Sox and he shouldn't be

The Chicago White Sox have a love of players that used to be in the Kansas City Royals organziation. That is because Chris Getz is their GM now.

People stick with people that they are comfortable with in nature but it is hurting the White Sox from a baseball point of view.

One former Royal that plays for the White Sox way too much is Nicky Lopez. He was their leadoff hitter on Sunday against the Rays. He is probably the worst leadoff hitter in the league whenever he is that guy.

It doesn't matter that he is from Naperville. He should be from Naperville playing in Charlotte based on his production this season.

Right now, Lopez slashes .211/.302/.224 with an OPS of .526. There is a good chance that he finishes this year with somewhere between zero and two home runs. It just isn't good enough for him. He (along with everyone on this list) should not be in the lineup as much as they are.