3 Chicago White Sox players that deserve more playing time

The Chicago White Sox are a terrible team but they need to start rewarding certain players.
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Tommy Pham should get more playing time now that he is with the team

Late last week, the White Sox purchased the contract of Tommy Pham from the Charlotte Knights. Now, he is up with the team and he has known nothing but winning.

After playing in 3 MLB games with them this season, the team is 3-0. That warrants more playing time if you ask anyone.

In the three games, he slashed .357/.357/.357 for an OPS of .714. The sample size is incredible small but he clearly provided a spark to the lineup. There is no reason not to play him until he falls off.

With the team getting ready to host the Minnesota Twins, he should give them a new look that they didn't have last time they played the Twins this season. It will be exciting to see how things progress for him in the coming weeks.