3 Chicago White Sox players that will disappoint this season

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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The 2024 season is underway, and it started a little bit rough for the Chicago White Sox. While they got great pitching from starter Garrett Crochet, their offense wasn’t able to do much, and they couldn’t even get past second base on the base paths. It was hard to watch, folks.

The White Sox can and will do better.

This team has one of the most interesting lineups in the league. The top of the order is a strong one, with guys like Luis Robert, Jr and Eloy Jimenez. However, the bottom of the order is one of the weakest in all of baseball and will give them fits this season.

It’s with that handful of players that we will find the most disappointing players this season. There are some guys on this team, three, that are going to disappoint the White Sox, mainly with their play at the plate. We have seen some flashes of decent fielding out of the three, but their offense is potentially pretty poor and could drag the White Sox down.

Let’s look at the three players on this team who are slated to be disappointments for the White Sox this season.

Nicky Lopez

 Nicky Lopez is the latest in a long line of second baseman who is trying to show the team just what he has at a spot that’s been a revolving door for years. Unfortunately for the White Sox, Lopez doesn’t bring that much stability to the position and doesn’t wield a big bat. His defense might be ok but he’s not going to be a big-time contributor in the lineup.

That’s a bummer.

Now, he could end up surprising a lot of people and could play much better than we think but, for now, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. He’s a stop-gap player who is in there to help the White Sox fill a void until someone better comes along. But as it stands right now, there isn’t anyone behind him that is a better option. Unless the Sox decide to call up shortstop Colson Montgomery and have him play second base. That’s not out of the question further down the road.

Hopefully, we are wrong about Lopez, and he plays well. But, right now, he’s poised to be one of the most disappointing players on the team in 2024.