3 Chicago White Sox Players that must step up before the season spirals out of control

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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It would appear as if Chicago White Sox baseball is not appointment viewing any longer.

Remember getting excited when it was game day and the Sox were on television? Those days are fading away fast. The White Sox are difficult to watch and are not only making fans mad but are making the media upset as well. The discussion of the Sox fall is all over the radio in Chicago and nationwide.

Everyone recognizes that the White Sox are a terrible team. It’s obvious. They can’t seem to win. They don’t play well on either side of the ball and they cannot put complete games together. They are horrifying to watch.

The Sox have a less talented roster than many teams in Major League Baseball. With the injuries they have suffered, there isn’t a lot of hope for what remains. It’s difficult for the White Sox to generate any offense, play good defense, or keep leads.

Things have to change.

Now that there are a couple of guys who are going to miss some time, possibly significant, all of these guys need to step up and make sure that they are playing their best.

Lenyn Sosa

Lenyn Sosa is going to be the guy that needs to step up now that Yoan Moncada is likely going to be on the shelf for an extended time. He’s talented, that’s true but has spent his career being shuttled back and forth from the minors to the majors as he hasn’t been able to get his feet permanently fixed in the majors.

This may be his time and opportunity.

One should look for Sosa to have a breakout season with the Sox now that he’s going to see more playing time. With Moncada being on the injured list for quite a while, Sosa should be able to find a long-term to almost permanent home in the majors and should be able to play well. The Sox need him to play well and he’s off to a fine start. Hopefully, he will continue to improve and prove that he’s able to be in the majors permanently.

The White Sox may do some other movement and perhaps Sosa won’t see a lot of time at third base but if they choose to leave him there, he may just make us forget about Moncada.