3 Chicago White Sox Players that must step up before the season spirals out of control

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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Gavin Sheets

The time for Gavin Sheets is now. He’s got some opportunities to shine and, in the action he has seen this year so far, he’s not done that bad. He is the ideal designated hitter when Eloy Jimenez is out. He’s a big guy that can hit the long ball and hit it regularly.

He can play a couple of different positions which helps this team out as well. Sheets can fill in as needed and be a solid replacement player.

He does need to hit with a little more power, however, but he’s due for some big hits this season. Just as long as the management staff gets him into more games, more often, the White Sox should get some production out of him.

They need that production. It’s difficult for them already, with what they have in the lineup, and Sheets is one of the bright spots on this team. He’s starting to get hot and it’s happening when others are out of the lineup (see the injury list).

Sheets needs to remain consistent and produce. If he can do that, the White Sox have a good chance of winning more games.