3 Chicago White Sox players who will surprise this season

Andrew Benintendi, Paul DeJong, and Gavin Sheets could have surprisingly good seasons.

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Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi’s 2023 season was somewhat of a disappointment. The highly-paid outfielder didn’t quite do as well at the plate as many of us would have liked to have seen.

He wasn’t feeling all that well last year and was in his first year with the Sox. So, all excuses aside, he’s poised to have a better year this year. Some believe that he’s in for a career resurgence and could surprise a lot of people.

If Benintendi can improve at the plate and get some steals on the base paths, he could turn into one of the White Sox top players in 2024. This would surprise a lot of folks. He’s already got the fielding part down well so if the rest of it comes along, it will be huge for the Sox.

Paul DeJong

Paul DeJong is a guy that could go either way. He could be good and surprise a lot of folks or he could end up being a bad pick-up. If the latter happens, calls for Colson Montgomery are going to grow louder. Let’s look at the positive side of things, however, and assume that DeJong is going to work out well for the Sox.

What some think DeJong is going to provide the most is leadership for that infield. The White Sox need it. Most of the players in the infield are younger guys and will need that steady experienced hand to help guide them through the rough spots that they are sure to face this season.

DeJong might see a revival in his hitting ability. That would be a huge bonus for the White Sox.

Look for DeJong to end up being one of the bright spots on this team this season and someone who will be able to help this team through tough times.