3 Chicago White Sox players to cut before Easter Sunday

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are off to a 2-3 start but the first four games came against the defending World Series champion Houston Astros and they split the series.

They only played terribly in the loss to the San Francisco Giants that just also happened to be their home opener. Now, they are going to try and get back to playing well so they can compete in the AL Central Division.

Through five games, however, you can start to see trends. Obviously, it might be a bit early to judge people for the entire year. However, with past performances in other years combined with how things are going in 2023, it is clear that a few players on the team shouldn't be there.

Easter Sunday is approaching and these are three White Sox players who should be cut before we reach that day:

1. Jose Ruiz

Jose Ruiz needs to be let go by the Chicago White Sox right now.

The Chicago White Sox don't need to waste their time with Jose Ruiz on the roster anymore. He has nasty stuff sometimes but he is far too inconsistent to be on this team. That will be especially true when Garrett Crochet and Liam Hendriks return to action.

Ruiz was brilliant in the World Baseball Classic and that made some people believe that he was going to have this dominant season in 2023 with the White Sox. Turns out that he left that magic at the tournament because he has been awful in Chicago so far.

If the White Sox want to prove to everyone that they are serious, Ruiz will be off the team sooner than later if he keeps letting up a bunch of runs.