3 Chicago White Sox players to cut before Easter Sunday

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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2. Jake Diekman

The Chicago White Sox don't need Jake Diekman there anymore.

Like Jose Ruiz, Jake Diekman doesn't need to be a member of the Chicago White Sox roster anymore. He is a lefty which might give him a tiebreaker over other pitchers but he has not been good either. The White Sox would be better off with many other people pitching in that spot.

As mentioned before, Garrett Crochet and Liam Hendriks are going to return which will make it easier to use only good pitchers. The team desperately needs them to return at some point.

Like Ruiz, Diekman doesn't need to be used in high-leverage situations. Aaron Bummer and Reynaldo Lopez are better suited for that type of role with the team at this point in time.

The faster that Rick Hahn accepts that trading for Diekman was a bad move and moves on, the better the White Sox will be in the long run.