3 Chicago White Sox players to trade right now and 2 to extend

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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1. Dylan Cease

Dylan Cease is someone that the Chicago White Sox should want.

The Chicago White Sox have a very good pitcher in Dylan Cease. If a trade offer comes in that blows the roof off the place, they should absolutely take it. No player should be "untouchable" when you have a winning percentage under .300.

However, unless it is one of those types of packages, they should look to extend him. He is a true ace in this league that has the potential to be a Cy Young Award winner in any given year. Those are the types of guys you extend if they are young.

Cease might struggle a little bit to gain the momentum that he had in 2022 because of the fact that the team around him is terrible but he also may regain his form again. Either way, the White Sox should be confident that he is able to pitch well for a very long time.

Cease is probably going to make a lot of money. That is especially true knowing that Scott Boras is his agent. We will see what becomes of him over the rest of his career.