3 Chicago White Sox players to trade right now and 2 to extend

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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2. Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox need Tim Anderson in the long term.

Tim Anderson is one of the best players the Chicago White Sox have had over the last 30 years. He constantly provides this team with leadership and fantastic play. 

He has been a little bit hurt to start the year because of a fluke play and the team has suffered as a result. This team needs him badly so they should probably just extend him. 

If he can prove that he can finish this 2023 healthy, he is worth a lot of money as long as he plays well. You might even see the team start to play much better upon his arrival. We know how impactful he can be when he is healthy. 

The Chicago White Sox are there with the Kansas City Royals and Oakland A’s as the only three teams to not ever hand out a 100 million (or more) dollar contract. Tim Anderson (or Dylan Cease) would be the perfect guy to be the first. 

It is unclear if the White Sox will actually make trades or extensions but these guys are all good candidates for both. It may depend on who plays well over the course of the season. We will see. 

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