3 Chicago White Sox players that must be traded before they fall off a cliff

There are a few White Sox players that should be traded sooner rather than later.
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Griffin Quinn/GettyImages
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At 8-27, the Chicago White Sox are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. Based on the record, they are in 30th place out of 30. It is tough to watch sometimes.

Just because they are a terrible team doesn't mean that they have a roster with 0 impactful players. They have a few players that a contender may want to add to their roster at some point this year.

There are a handful of players off to terrific starts on a bad team. It might be smart for the White Sox to consider moving them before they fall off a cliff in the dog days.

It is hard to play for a team this bad in July and August. You want to get ahead of this before it is too late and guys are checked out. These are the three guys that come to mind first:

The Chicago White Sox should trade Gavin Sheets as soon as possible

A lot of teams could use a power-hitting lefty. Gavin Sheets is just that and the White Sox may be interested in moving him.

They did a very nice job developing Sheets ever since he came into the organization. It took some time for him to stay consistent against MLB pitching but he figured out out.

He is off to a great start in the 2024 season on a personal level but the team around him is so bad. If he went to a contender, you might find that he is even more productive.

There are plenty of teams that would take a chance on a guy like him. Before he falls off a cliff (even if it is because the team around him is so bad), they should move him as soon as they can. His value may be as high as it ever will be again.