3 Chicago White Sox players we were wrong about

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
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3. Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito has been much better than anyone thought this season.

The Chicago White Sox have had a lot of issues over the last two years. One of the big issues in 2022 was Lucas Giolito who didn't look like the elite player that he was in 2019-2021.

A lot of people were wondering if he was never going to be a good player again. Coming into 2023, he was the biggest question mark in the starting rotation.

Well, it is clear that we were wrong about him as well. He has been the best pitcher in the Chicago White Sox rotation this year and yes, that includes Dylan Cease.

Giolito has a lot of people that didn't want to give him credit but there is no doubt that he has lived up to getting better again this year. Hopefully, it keeps going.

We would like to be wrong about all of the players that we doubted and right about all the players we believed in. It would be nice for it all to come together and deliver a winning product sooner than later.

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