3 Chicago White Sox players who lived up to the hype during the previous rebuild

Not every player on the rebuilding Chicago White Sox became a failure.
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The Chicago White Sox did a great job with Jake Burger during the rebuild

Jake Burger was drafted before the rebuild technically started but he was a part of it for a few different reasons.

After being drafted in the first round, Burger had two massive injuries that kept him from playing baseball for a few years. The idea of giving up on the dream went through Jake Burger's mind but he didn't go through with it. He stuck it out.

He then made his MLB debut in 2021 and had some playing time for that whole season. He eventually became a staple in the lineup and was considered one of their top hitters by 2023.

His determination to reach his potential despite the struggles off the field with injury made him an incredible story that people loved. He was a big part of the fun during this era as he lived up to the hype despite the issues.

Now, Burger plays for the Miami Marlins. Rick Hahn made one last bad trade on his way out and sent Burger away for a medium-level prospect. It is a shame that he's gone but there will always be good memories.