3 Chicago White Sox players who may be gone by June 1st

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
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2. Hanser Alberto

The Chicago White Sox don't need to have Hanser Alberto anymore.

Hanser Albert is just a fresher take on the Leury Garcia experience. Honestly, you can argue that keeping Leury would have been better because at least he has been with the team for a while.

There are other players that the White Sox have that deserve more playing time than Alberto at this stage of the game. He needs to not be rewarded for his amazing spring training anymore. There is a reason that those games don't count.

Although Romy Gonzalez isn't this elite prospect, he deserves the playing time more than Alberto simply based on age and ceiling.

Albert really shouldn't be on this team by June 1st. They don't need to keep doing this. He literally injured his shoulder making a safe sign at the umpire on a ground ball in which is was clearly out. The team would be better with someone else getting his playing time.