3 Chicago White Sox players who may be gone by June 1st

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3. Elvis Andrus

Elvis Andrus coming back might have been a mistake for the White Sox.

Every fan was happy when the Chicago White Sox brought back Elvis Andrus. The fact that people were happy about it makes the organization look even worse though.

They weren't happy because of the fact that he is going to be a savior in his late 30s. It is because they didn't go after any of the other options but at least they did something.

After the way he ended the 2022 season, it felt like it was a decent move because of the situation. Nobody can fault Rick Hahn for that one. There are plenty of other reasons to make fun of the GM but this isn't one of them. Jerry Reinsdorf is the reason that Andrus had to happen.

Unfortunately, Andrus is having a terrible year so far. The reason that he was available late in the off-season is showing. The White Sox need to move on with some younger people. He is also hurt so when he comes back, it might be best just to let him go. They don't need him beyond June.

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