3 Chicago White Sox players who need to be better in May

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are in a wild spot. They finally won a game on Sunday to close out April which is nice but they are still 8-21 which is amongst the worst records they've ever had to start a series.

Now we are in May. It is a new month that could see them change their ways just a tad. You never know what happens from here.

If the team is going to turn things around, there are a few players on the team that need to come out and play much better in May.

Nothing is on one player more than the other but literally everyone needs to be better. However, these three players really need to step up their game in May:

1. Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi must be better for this team to succeed at all.

If the Chicago White Sox are going to have any sort of success this season, they need more from Andrew Benintendi. He is the highest-paid player in the history of the team in terms of overall contract value so he must play well. Clearly, they like him otherwise they wouldn't have paid him like that.

Benintendi is currently slashing .281/.337/.333 for an OPS of .670. Obviously, the batting average is decent but his OPS is terrible which makes his nice average irrelevant.

He doesn't have a home run yet and although he isn't a major power hitter, he should hit more than 0 home runs a month. He also only has five RBIs to go with 14 runs scored and four stolen bases.

His defense is usually great but you can pay a lot less for good defense to go with a poor bat. Hopefully, May is where he starts to pick it up.