3 Chicago White Sox players who need to be better in May

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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3. Luis Robert

Luis Robert is not living up to all the hype that surrounded him early on.

Luis Robert is an incredible talent. He has all of the tools and gifts that make a baseball player great in terms of their foundation.

Unfortunately, he just hasn't put all of that together enough to turn into an elite player when it comes to production on a Major League field.

He is always either hurt, not producing, or running slowly down the first base line when he has incredible speed.

The White Sox have a lot invested in Luis Robert and he doesn't seem to mind being an average player on a bad team. He could be a superstar but he doesn't want to be. If he is better in May, the White Sox will improve but don't count on it.

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