3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Baltimore Orioles for Luis Robert Jr.

The Baltimore Orioles may be a team that considers trading for Luis Robert Jr. over the next few months.
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Luis Robert Jr. is someone that the Chicago White Sox are going to trade away for a haul. He is a great talent that has the potential to be a top-10 position player in the league.

If he can stay healthy, the sky is the limit based on the tools he has. Playing for a better team is also something that would help him be even better.

A team like the Baltimore Orioles comes to mind. They can afford to acquire him because he's on the cheaper side and he makes sense for their current situation.

Right now, the O's are one of the best teams in baseball but they could use another bat to put their offense over the edge. He would be a much better option for them than Cedric Mullins right now who has struggled this season.

He'd improve their lineup with his bat and his Gold Glove defense would make the entire outfield even better defensively.

If they want to actually make a deep run in the playoffs this year, a guy like Robert could really help. One of these three trade packages might get it done:

The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox could get a great deal done

To Orioles: Luis Robert Jr.

To White Sox: Samuel Basallo, Connor Norby, Seth Johnson

The Chicago White Sox want prospects back in a Luis Robert Jr. trade. That makes sense considering they are the worst team in baseball and the future is the only positive spin they can put on anything.

Samuel Basallo is the number two prospect in the Orioles organization. He is also the number 13 prospect in all of baseball. It is unclear if he'll stick with catching or move to first base.

Whether Basallo is in Baltimore or Chicago, he'd probably serve more as a first baseman. The Orioles have a franchise catcher in Adley Rutschman and the White Sox are hoping they do in Korey Lee or Edgar Quero (or both).

Either way, Basallo is a complete stud and a player that the White Sox can build around. The Orioles have developed all of these guys very well in their minor league system.

Connor Norby is the number six prospect in Baltimore's system as a 2B/OF. Seth Johnson is their number ten prospect as a right-handed pitcher. This trade package has depth and could potentially help the organization in all areas of the baseball diamond.