3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Baltimore Orioles for Luis Robert Jr.

The Baltimore Orioles may be a team that considers trading for Luis Robert Jr. over the next few months.
Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox should be swinging for the fences with this trade

To Orioles, Luis Robert Jr.

To White Sox: Jackson Holliday, Max Wagner

Do the Orioles want to win the World Series? This season doesn't have a clear frontrunner in terms of their play so far through June. Anybody, including Baltimore, can win.

That is especially true if they acquired an elite offensive centerfielder who also happens to play Gold Glove-caliber defense. Luis Robert Jr. could be one of the key additions to that lineup.

How bad do they want it? What are they willing to give up? Would they trade the number one prospect in all of baseball? They should at least consider it.

Jackson Holliday is that guy right now. He has made his MLB debut already but he has a bit more seasoning to do in AAA before he's truly going to be ready. He is a middle infielder who could play short or second.

The Orioles have already developed so many number one prospects of theirs into stars and now it is time for them to go for it. To get a player as good as Robert to help them, Holliday may be involved in the conversations.

It is unlikely that this trade ever goes down but the Orioles may not be getting anyone of consequence added to their lineup unless they are willing to pay for it. The contention window will only be open for so long.

Robert Jr. is a proven star and Holliday is not despite his potential. That is why this must be considered. It is also why Max Wagner is going back in the package as well. He is an infield prospect who ranks 14th in Baltimore's system.