3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Chris Sale

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two
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To White Sox: Chris Sale - To Red Sox: Jake Burger, Lenyn Sosa

Jake Burger and Lenyn Sosa might bring good stuff to the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox are in desperate need of a left-handed starter. Carlos Rodon would have been perfect but they let him walk after 2021. Now, he is headed to the New York Yankees on a big-time contract worth a lot of money. It would have been nice to have a good Dallas Keuchel too but he ended up being terrible.

Chris Sale would be a perfect fit for their rotation right now. As a result, the White Sox should be calling in case the Red Sox are actually thinking about moving him. Jake Burger and Lenyn Sosa might be worth trading if it means they are landing someone like Chris Sale.

Jake Burger is someone that could help the Red Sox if they lose Rafael Devers. That is not an adequate replacement because Devers is a superstar but he is someone that is capable of hitting well and playing the position of third base. Burger has a lot of potentials that he can reach there.

Lenyn Sosa is someone that can possibly play second base for them in certain situations. They would certainly be better at developing him at this stage than the White Sox. Romy Gonzalez is higher on the depth chart than Sosa so it won't hurt the White Sox too much.