3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Chris Sale

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To White Sox: Chris Sale - To Red Sox: Garrett Crochet, Sean Burke

The Chicago White Sox could really use a big trade this off-season.

The Chicago White Sox might be willing to part with some pitchers in order to get a lefty like Chris Sale. It would be really cool to see him come back but it would be a big decision for the front office to give up something in order to get him.

Garrett Crochet and Sean Burke are both pitching prospects that would like to make it to Major League Baseball on a full-time basis. Crochet is someone that has already spent a full year in the league but he was missing from 2022 because of Tommy John surgery.

He is set to be back again in 2023 which is a positive for him. His future as a starter is somewhat in doubt but the Red Sox would love to add someone like this. He could join the rotation eventually but would probably be better served in the bullpen to ease back into things.

Sean Burke, unlike Crochet, is a righty. He is someone that is hoping to be a Major League Baseball pitcher sometime soon but he has a long way to go. It should be fun to see him progress through to someone's system and finally make it to the big leagues.

Obviously, all of these are a risk. The White Sox are in desperate need of a risky move in order to bounce back and become a good team again.

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