3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Max Fried

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To White Sox: Max Fried - To Braves: Oscar Colas, Jake Burger, Lenyn Sosa

The White Sox would have to give up some talent to trade for Max Fried.

Max Fried is a very good pitcher. In order to trade for a guy like that, you have to give up some pieces that you really like. If the White Sox were to trade him, a couple of players that the White Sox were excited about might have to go.

Of course, Oscar Colas leads the way for that in this trade. People are excited to see what he can do at the MLB level and it could start as early as 2023. He very well could end up being the Opening Day right fielder for this team if he has a really good spring training. There isn't much competition.

Trading him would be hard but Atlanta isn't just going to hand Max Fried over just to clear up some money. Colas is an MLB ready minor league player that can help a team win if they use him right.

Jake Burger is a good player but he has dealt with some injuries and is blocked at third base by Yoan Moncada. We don't know what Moncada's long term future is because of the fact that he has been a major dissapointment but he is still probably more valuable than Burger.

As for Lenyn Sosa, he made some big strikes in 2022. He went from AA to MLB in one call-up but then went back down to AAA before another MLB call-up. It is a bit confusing but the White Sox did what they felt was necessary. The Braves might consider prospects like this if they move Fried.