3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Max Fried

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To White Sox: Max Fried - To Braves: Michael Kopech, Noah Schultz, and Jared Kelly

The Chicago White Sox should try really hard to add another lefty starter.

Giving up Michael Kopech would be hard but they have five right-handed starting pitchers right now. Swapping Kopech and Fried could do wonders for both rotations. A change of scenery for Kopech might help him even more. The sky is the limit for him which makes trading him a big risk.

The White Sox might have to take some risks in order to take a big step as an organization. They almost never do so which makes any of these moves feel incredibly unlikely even though they'd clearly help the White Sox grow.

Cease and Fried would be an amazing 1-2 punch. If you got bounce-back years from the other question-mark starters, it could end up being one of the best rotations in the American League.

Noah Schultz is the White Sox's number three prospect and first pitching prospect. He was a first-round pick by the White Sox during the 2022 MLB Draft. He hopes to one day be a very good Major League pitcher.

Jared Kelly has been falling down the White Sox's top prospect list for the past few years but there is still no doubt that he has some amazing stuff. The Braves might be willing to take a chance on him to see if their organization can fix him up.

The White Sox have mostly acted like a cheap team that isn't trying to win when they should be. However, Rick Hahn has not been afraid to make (good or bad) trades during his tenure with the team.

Putting one together for Max Fried might be a really smart idea at this point. If he could bring in a pitcher like that, the sky would be the limit for this rotation.

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