3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Los Angeles Dodgers for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago White Sox may have to trade Luis Robert Jr. The Los Angeles Dodgers would love to have him going forward.
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
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Luis Robert Jr. would turn the Dodgers into an even better MLB team

To White Sox: Josue De Paula, Nick Frasso, Kendall George

To Dodgers: Luis Robert Jr.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball yet again. They have been for a long time now but they only have one ring to show for it. They would love to add another one to the mix, especially one from a full season.

Adding a player like Luis Robert Jr. would help them out big time. He may be their fourth-best player for a while but he'd be the best player on a lot of teams in this league.

People would realize how good he truly is if he went to a marquee team like. There are a lot of eyeballs on them every night which would show the world his skills.

Josue De Paula, Nick Frasso, and Kendall George would be a nice package returning to the White Sox if they decided to move Luis Robert Jr. They are the number two, three, and ten prospects in the system of the Dodgers.

De Paula and George are outfielders while Frasso is a pitcher. That type of variety would be great for the White Sox farm system.