3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Los Angeles Dodgers for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago White Sox may have to trade Luis Robert Jr. The Los Angeles Dodgers would love to have him going forward.
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
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The White Sox and Dodgers could really make this into a blockbuster

To White Sox: Dalton Rushing, Josue De Paula, Nick Frasso, Payton Martin

To Dodgers: Luis Robert Jr., Garrett Crochet

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers could turn this into a blockbuster. It isn't only Luis Robert Jr. that has to go back to the Dodgers in the trade. The White Sox have other players that can help them out.

Dalton Rushing, Josue De Paula, and Nick Frasso are the three top prospects in the Dodgers system. You have an infielder/catcher, an outfielder, and a pitcher there too. Two of the three, Rushing and De Paula, are top 100 prospects in the game.

Payton Martin is the fourth piece in the trade but the right-handed pitcher is ranked ninth for them in their system. He is a good risk to take in terms of a prospect in a trade.

Going back to the Dodgers in this trade is Luis Robert Jr. alongside Garrett Crochet. The Dodgers have a great staff but having a guy like Crochet to come in as a depth starter would be amazing. He is pitching like an ace right now on a cheap deal which is what Los Angeles would love.

All in all, these two Camelback Ranch friends would be wise to make a good trade. One of them has the World Series on their mind in 2024 while the other is going to do anything they can to get this thing back on track. Trading Robert Jr. would be a risk but you never know what comes back.