3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Phillies for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago White Sox may consider trading Luis Robert Jr. The Philadelphia Phillies make a lot of sense for him.
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The Chicago White Sox are shopping Luis Robert Jr. It is clear that a team on pace to have the worst season since the 1960s should be doing everything they can to rebuild for their future.

The White Sox failed their last rebuild but all of the folks in charge of that one (besides the owner) are all gone. They will try again.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to build a winner around Luis Robert Jr. but that is the reality of it. It is now about getting the best possible return for a player this good.

One team that might be willing to make a good deal for Robert is the Philadelphia Phillies. They are one of the best teams in baseball and they have a need plus good pieces to trade away.

The Chicago White Sox can demand a lot for Luis Robert Jr. this season

To Phillies: Luis Robert Jr.

To White Sox: Aidan Miller, Mick Abel, Carlos De La Cruz

The Chicago White Sox will be looking for a nice package of prospects in this deal. This one includes Aidan Miller who is Philly's number two prospect. He's only 20 years old and they're still trying to figure out if he's a shortstop but if he's a third baseman that is okay too. He could be a star at either.

Mick Abel is their number three prospect as a right-handed pitcher. The White Sox need more pitching prospects in their system and a guy like Abel would be perfect. He is already in AAA and could be ready for MLB time soon. Both of these guys are top 100 prospects.

Carlos De La Cruz is a great third option for this trade. He is their 12th best prospect right now according to the MLB rankings. He is listed as someone who can play first base or the outfield.

A trade like this would boost the White Sox farm rankings all around.