3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with the Phillies for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago White Sox may consider trading Luis Robert Jr. The Philadelphia Phillies make a lot of sense for him.
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The White Sox and Phillies could turn this into a blockbuster deal

To Phillies: Luis Robert Jr., Garrett Crochet

To White Sox: Andrew Painter, Aidan Miller, Justin Crawford, Bryan Rincon

The Chicago White Sox may need to make a blockbuster move in an attempt to save the franchise from another decade of irrelevance.

Sending Luis Robert Jr. and Garrett Crochet away in the same deal might land them a great return because they are the two best players on the team right now.

The Phillies would love to add a bat like Robert Jr. but adding another arm like Crochet would be special for them as well.

With some of the other pitching studs they already have, it could be great for the playoffs if Crochet was added in.

Painter (RHP), Miller (SS/3B), and Crawford (OF) are all top-100 prospects. Bryan Rincon is just outside but he's the number seven prospect in Philly's pipeline.

If all of these guys were added to the White Sox farm system, they'd skyrocket up in the rankings and better their future. It would be hard to trade both Crochet and Robert Jr. at the same time but it is something to think about to better the return.