3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with Chicago Cubs for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago Cubs could use another big hitter. Luis Robert Jr. of the Chicago White Sox would be a great fit for them.
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The Chicago White Sox have had an incredibly bad season. They are the worst team in Major League Baseball and it is only going to get worse. Part of getting worse will be the trades they make during the season. 

Now there are reports from Jon Heyman that they are actively shopping Luis Robert Jr. He is the best player on the team and one of the only ones worth anything to other squads around the league. 

One team that could use him badly is the Chicago Cubs. If they added him, they could put him in centerfield, move Cody Bellinger back to first base, and fill in the rest from there. 

Robert Jr. wouldn’t have to move but he’d be going way up in the standings. A player like Robert doesn’t become available often and the Cubs should be one of the teams moving mountains to get him. 

If the Chicago Cubs were to go after him, one of these three trade packages may get it done or be a good starting point: 

The Chicago Cubs would have to give up a lot for Luis Robert Jr. 

To Cubs: Luis Robert Jr.

To White Sox: Pete Crow-Armstrong, Matt Shaw

The Chicago Cubs have some really good young players. They would be moving a couple of them to the White Sox if they were to acquire Luis Robert Jr. It makes sense because Robert would be their best player. 

In acquiring Robert, as mentioned before, Bellinger would move to first base and they would have plenty of DH options. One expendable player for them would be Pete Crow-Armstrong. 

PCA has had an up-and-down start to his MLB career but he has tons of talent. He has graduated from prospect status but he is still just 22 years old which is the age range that the White Sox will be looking for. 

With all of those spots filling up on the north side, there is plenty of room on the south side for PCA to develop. 

Matt Shaw is a third baseman who currently sits as the Cubs’ number three prospect. He is a great player that has a high ceiling in MLB. With Yoan Moncada on his way out, Shaw could be a guy they put their faith in.