3 Chicago White Sox trade packages with Chicago Cubs for Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago Cubs could use another big hitter. Luis Robert Jr. of the Chicago White Sox would be a great fit for them.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The White Sox can make the Cubs pay the “crosstown tax” in this trade

To Cubs: Luis Robert Jr.

To White Sox: Pete Crow Armstrong, Cade Horton, Brennen Davis, Kohl Franklin

The Chicago White Sox have to take this rebuild seriously if they want ever to become contenders again. That means that if they are going to trade an elite player like Luis Robert Jr, they need to get something good for him.

Pete Crow-Armstrong was their top prospect and then when he graduated, it became Cade Horton. These two would be a great center for a blockbuster deal. 

There was even a point where Brennen Davis was a top Cubs prospect. He was also considered one of the top guys in all of baseball. However, recent injuries and inconsistent play have led to him falling in the rankings. 

It is shocking that Davis hasn’t become an MLB player yet but is still young enough to believe in. As a third player in a trade, it would be a great risk for the Sox. 

Kohl Franklin is in a similar boat to Davis. He is also out right now after having elbow surgery. It is a big-time risk but he is a talented pitcher. As a fourth player in the deal, it makes sense to consider. 

The White Sox can be smart with this if it comes true. If they mess it up, they will be even worse for longer.