3 Chicago White Sox trade targets for Braves following Ronald Acuna Jr news

The Chicago White Sox have a few players who can help the Atlanta Braves following the Ronald Acuna Jr. injury.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago White Sox are the worst team in Major League Baseball. That doesn’t mean that they are the only team that has had some bad things happen to them. 

Last week, we learned that the Atlanta Braves will be without Ronald Acuna Jr. for the rest of 2024. That is a massive blow. 

The Braves are consistently one of the best teams in the league but now they will be without a perennial NL MVP candidate the rest of the way. It is a tough pill to swallow for everyone involved. 

Atlanta will now be on the search for help that can step in for him. This happened to them once before with Acuna (2021) and they made the subsequent moves necessary to end up winning the World Series. 

The Chicago White Sox are far from contenders so they might be able to help. The Atlanta Braves should consider one of these White Sox players when trying to replace Acuna: 

Luis Robert Jr. would be a great option but that is a much larger trade

The Chicago White Sox may be looking to get a haul for Luis Robert Jr. He is their best player on the team but they are going nowhere. They might as well try at this point. 

Atlanta’s contention window is right now so they might be willing to give up an abundance of future talent to get a guy that can help them win in 2024. 

The last time the Braves lost Acuna during the season for the year, they won the World Series after making some big trades. Adding Robert Jr. would certainly qualify as a big trade. If Atlanta could keep him healthy, they’d get way more out of him than the White Sox got.