3 Chicago White Sox trade targets for Braves following Ronald Acuna Jr news

The Chicago White Sox have a few players who can help the Atlanta Braves following the Ronald Acuna Jr. injury.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
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Tommy Pham might be able to help the Braves out if he gets healthy

The Chicago White Sox added Tommy Pham as the season was starting. He has come in and been one of the best players on the team. Nobody expected it but he has been a bright spot on a bad team. 

It makes you wonder why it took so long to latch onto a team. Now that he’s proven himself, it is clear that he won’t spend the entire season on the lowly White Sox. Both sides will benefit if he were to be traded. 

Nobody can replace Ronald Acuna Jr. Few others could even come close the way that Luis Robert Jr. could but the Braves might not want to make a big trade like that. 

Pham wouldn’t cost all that much but he’d be able to help the Braves on a smaller scale. It is an investment worth looking into. Even if they have a bigger deal in mind with another team, Pham could play a small role in helping them overcome this injury to Acuna.