3 Chicago White Sox who could be traded before Opening Day

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Aaron Bummer

Aaron Bummer is someone that can help the Chicago White Sox improve.

Aaron Bummer has been an elite reliever in his career. He has also dealt with some injuries and inconsistencies over that time as well. He missed most of the 2022 season dealing with an injury that hurt the bullpen a lot.

If the right offer came up for Aaron Bummer, the Chicago White Sox should absolutely consider it. Much like Kelly, he can be useful to another team if they wanted to find a different need on the roster in exchange for him.

Bummer is the kind of pitcher that can deal with bad luck because guys beat his sinkers into the ground forcing the defense to be very good and we all know how that can work out for them.

If he plays for the White Sox, he is sure to be good but getting something for him before he gets hurt again might actually be a smart move.

It is unclear if the White Sox make another move before the season begins but it is something for them to look at. If one of these three is moved before spring begins, nobody should be surprised.

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