3 current players the Chicago White Sox have mistreated

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
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2. Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets could be a big time lefty bad if he was used right.

Gavin Sheets has the potential to be a big-league slugger for quite some time but when your organization doesn't play you in your position, it holds you to a disadvantage. This is the case for the Baltimore native.

Sheets has been overlooked by Jose Abreu and Andrew Vaughn throughout his entire MLB career thus far and it has led to rather embarrassing and horrid outfield play from Sheets. The organization expects him to provide efficient defense in the outfield and they have no reason to why that is.

Sheets isn't an outfielder and the White Sox have tremendously lowered his value by putting him out there once every three days. It's a terribly constructed roster (even with the departure of Abreu) and Sheets is one of the guys the club has unfortunately misused.

Sheets is another player the White Sox can look to trade and if they do go that route, they need to acquire players that fill the needs of the roster rather than just the flat-out talent.

Burger and Sheets would be better off on other ball clubs because most teams would find the correct spot to put the both of them while the White Sox have held them at a disadvantage for their entire career.