3 current players the Chicago White Sox have mistreated

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
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3. Oscar Colas

Oscar Colas can turn into a star if he is managed properly which he isn't.

The talent and potential are nonetheless there but is Oscar Colas ready to be in the big leagues now? His stats during his rookie season recommend not so much.

Colas was plugged into the right field spot strictly because Jerry Reinsdorf didn't want to spend extra money for another outfield position from their budget. They instead leaned on a 24-year-old who had never stepped foot into a box at the major league level.

Colas has one of the worst swing rates outside of the strike zone in all of baseball and he has yet to find a way to break out.

Evidently, he isn't ready to be in the majors at the moment and the White Sox are misusing him detrimentally. Colas could be improving and enhancing his potential in Charlotte right now but instead, he's struggling in the majors with no sign of discipline at the plate in the slightest.

Colas has the potential to be a superstar but his rookie season has suggested that right now isn't that time period just yet.

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