3 difficult roster decisions the White Sox must make before the end of June

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
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2. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson's Chicago White Sox future should be decided very soon.

It would be nice to see the Chicago White Sox make a decision on Tim Anderson. He has been the face of the franchise for a few years but things are clearly changing.

Anderson is not having a very good year this year. He is far from the guy that competes for the batting title pretty much every year. In fact, his offense has been borderline bad so far this year. 

Anderson also has some things going on off the field that seem to be impacting him on the field. Those are things you never like to hear about in this day and age.

It is hard enough to be a Major League Baseball player as it is so this type of stuff doesn’t make it easier. 

If the White Sox are going to move on from Anderson while he still may have some value left, now might be the time.

There are plenty of teams that could use a shortstop but will the White Sox get a good return? That is the question they should answer before the month is over.