3 difficult roster decisions the White Sox must make before the end of June

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
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3. Prospects

The White Sox should decide what young players are getting time.

The Chicago White Sox, with the record that they have, are probably not looking to move a bunch of prospects to buy players for their playoff run.

Instead, they should be looking to acquire more for the future. With the ones that they have though, they should be smart about how they handle them.

Certain players in the organization should be seen at the Major League level if they are ready. It is better than running out veterans that are terrible at this stage of the game.

If people are dominating in AA, they might want to bring them up to AAA now. If someone like Oscar Colas is proving that he should be called back up, he should be called back up.

Making all of these decisions with the prospects before July comes would really help them as they move on with their roster. Some of these players are very important for their future.

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