3 Dodgers prospects for the White Sox go for in a Dylan Cease trade

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox could make a good Dylan Cease trade.
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Nick Frasso is a pitcher to consider from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Nick Frasso is a right-handed pitcher looking to make it to Major League Baseball soon. He is right on the cusp of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Right now, he is considered to be their number four prospect but their top pitcher. He is ranked number 65 in the MLB top 100.

Frasso spent time in AA and AAA last season where he had a pretty good year. His ERA in AA was 3.91 in 21 starts. His AAA ERA was 3.26 in four starts. The sample size was smaller but he did a little bit better when he leveled up.

In both leagues combined, he struck out 107 batters in 93.0 innings pitched. His stuff is good. At 24 years old, he might be ready to make a few more AAA starts before heading to the big leagues. A good spring could even earn him an MLB roster spot out of camp.

If it were with the White Sox, he'd have a shot. Just like with the position players, there is more of an opportunity in Chicago because they aren't nearly as deep. The Dodgers have lots of plans for their rotation in 2024 and it doesn't sound like it will rely heavily on young prospects.

Frasso has a fastball graded at 70 which is incredible. They also gave his changeup a 55 while grading his slider at 50. He'd probably like to add another pitch along with developing his 50-graded control.

The White Sox are back in prospect mode and everyone knows that the Dodgers are the right team to call when that is the case. If they want Dylan Cease, they're going to have to give up a good player.

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