3 former top prospects for the White Sox who have fallen from grace

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2. Jonathan Stiever

Jonathan Stiever hasn't grown his game enough over the years.

Jonathan Stiever was someone that started pitching in Major League Baseball with the White Sox during that strange shortened 2020 season.

He made a couple of appearances in 2020 and then really lost it in 2021. A lot of people had hopes that he'd be a starter for this team in the back of the rotation one day but it just hasn't panned out.

Now, he is about to turn 26 years old and is two years removed from an appearance in the league. 2023 is going to be his third straight year mostly spent with the Charlotte Knights and that is probably where he is going to stay.

There is nothing wrong with being a full-time Minor Leaguer as most of us wish we could even do that. He can be a veteran down there that helps the younger people grow their games as they prepare for bigger and better things. We thought that he'd offer more but this is it.