3 former top prospects for the White Sox who have fallen from grace

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3. Jared Kelley

Jared Kelley is someone that may or may not be a Major League player.

The Chicago White Sox drafted Jared Kelley in the second round of the 2020 MLB Draft. He went in the same draft that the White Sox took Garrett Crochet a round prior.

We thought at the time that Kelley would be equally as impactful as Crochet at the time of the draft but it hasn't panned out that way up to this point. He is only 21 years old but to say that he isn't a prospect that has fallen from grace would be a lie.

At one point, he was a top-five White Sox prospect but now he can be found as the number 13 guy in the organization. We'll see if he is ever able to climb into Major League Baseball. He currently sits in A+ ball. It is fair to be disappointed that he hasn't advanced farther than that by 2023.

All three of these guys may or may not impact the team one day but as of right now, it is pretty obvious that they aren't seen as the guys that will help the franchise succeed long term. Hopefully, we are wrong on at least one of them.

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