3 former White Sox failing miserably with their new team

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2. AJ Pollock

AJ Pollock leaving the Chicago White Sox after 2022 was amazing news.

AJ Pollock left a lot of money on the table to not play for the Chicago White Sox anymore. That is odd considering that he wasn't very good in 2022 at all. His being a bust of a pick-up is part of the reason that the team stunk so badly.

Well, he chose to take his failure with him to the Seattle Mariners where things have gotten even worse. Clearly, his leaving was amazing news for the Chicago Whtie Sox even if they didn't know it yet.

So far in 2023, he is slashing .118/.164/.275 for an OPS of .438. He does have two home runs but only 8 RBIs and 3 runs scored. He has a WAR of -0.5 which shows how dreadful he has actually been.

These numbers suggest that he doesn't even deserve to be in Major League Baseball. If he keeps up this level of poor play at the plate, he will be finding himself a new team (possibly in AAA). No matter how good his glove may be at times, this is a failure.