3 former White Sox players Chicago can reunite with in free agency

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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The Chicago White Sox are still trying to fill in some holes with their current roster as they get ready for the 2023 Major League Baseball season.

They added Mike Clevinger to be a part of the starting rotation and Andrew Benintendi is coming in to be the new left fielder.

Both of these guys are going to improve the ball club. They aren't putting thier best foot forward in a lot of ways but we know that about the White Sox usually.

There are a couple of players out there in free agency that used to play for the team. A few of them that were once White Sox players should be considered.

The Chicago White Sox should consider some old friends for 2023.

Signing old friends is usually not a good idea but there are a few here that might be able to help the organization as a whole. These are the three free agents that the White Sox should try to reunite with:

1. Adam Engel

The Chicago White Sox thought they had a legit fourth outfielder with Adam Engel a few years ago. He had a power surge in 2020 but some injuries derailed him a little bit ever since. He wasn't even as good with his glove in recent years which is what made him a White Sox staple.

The White Sox should be giving him another shot though. They let him go after the 2021 season but they can try to bring him back. It isn't ideal but if they are certain that Oscar Colas is a good idea, having Engel as a backup plan/fourth outfielder would be smart. It is better than using first basemen.

2. Johnny Cueto

You can literally never have too much starting pitching. Especially when Dylan Cease is the only one that has proven to be healthy so far in his career. That is why bringing back Johnny Cueto should be something that they do.

There are a lot of teams interested in him but nobody has done it yet which is surprising. He will get a nice contract as he earned it with his play in 2021. The White Sox should consider being the ones that give it to him.

3. Josh Harrison

The Chicago White Sox are making a very bad decision with second base. They consider themselves a serious team trying to contend but they are going to run Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa out there in 2023. They would be much better bringing Josh Harrison back.

Of course, Harrison wouldn't be the best option either but he proved to be okay in 2022. He wasn't the gamebreaking signing they needed Hahn to make but he was also far from the problem. At this point, bringing him back would be smart.

All of these are incredibly unlikely but it is worth thinking about. The White Sox used to love bringing back old players of thiers but when it is smart to do so they won't.

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