3 former White Sox players to bring back in free-agency

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Eduardo Escobar

In 2006, the White Sox signed Escobar as an international free agent. He went on to play with them for a couple of years before he was eventually traded to the Minnesota Twins for Francisco Liriano. He has since bounced around the league a good bit with his best seasons coming when he was with Arizona.

In his All-Star 2021 season split between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers, he slashed .253/.314/.472 with an OPS of .786. He also had 28 home runs, 90 RBIs, and 77 runs scored.

He joined the New York Mets ahead of the 2022 season and he started to take steps back. He slashed .240/.295/.430 with an OPS of .725. He hit 20 home runs and had 69 RBIs with 58 runs scored.

His role wasn't as big with New York as it was with Arizona or Milwaukee so the drop-off makes a little bit of sense but he wanted to be better for them.

He started the 2023 season with the Mets but was eventually traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The season as a whole was bad for him as he had a -1.1 WAR thanks to his slash of .226/.269/.344 with an OPS of .613. He hit six home runs, had 31 RBIs, and 32 runs scored. It was a bad year.

He has a lot of experience playing in the AL Central so the White Sox might as well consider bringing him back. After a bad 2023 season, he will be on the cheaper side.

This isn't like getting him in 2021 but bringing him back to the south side makes sense right now. He can be an injury filler for a few different positions (all infield) and he provides depth at third, second, and short. This is a former White Sox player to think long and hard about.

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