3 former White Sox players we'll be glad are gone and 2 we'll wish stayed

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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3 players that the White Sox won't miss in 2023

2. AJ Pollock

A.J. Pollock won't be missed by many White Sox fans in 2023.

Nobody is really going to miss AJ Pollock. After the 2022 season ended, it became pretty clear that he didn't like playing for the Chicago White Sox. He left a lot of money on the table to not play for them.

When the White Sox traded Craig Kimbrel for him, it looked like they might have gotten something out of that horrible trade that they made during the 2021 season.

That ended up not being the case for them as Pollock just wasn't very good for them. He did them a favor by leaving because it opened the door for others this year. When he is playing for the Seattle Mariners this year, they are going to hope he is better than he was with the Sox.