3 former White Sox players we'll be glad are gone and 2 we'll wish stayed

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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2 players that the White Sox will miss in 2023

1. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu is a hitter that the Chicago White Sox will miss in 2023.

Jose Abreu is one of the greatest players in Chicago White Sox history. He left the team in free agency to join the Houston Astros. It is going to be very strange seeing him play for another team wearing different colors.

Abreu has been the best hitter on the team ever since he joined the team and that includes a very below-average (by his standards) 2022 season.

There is no doubt that the team is going to miss him in 2023. It isn't going to be easy to replace the production that he brought to the table every single day. Everyone is going to need to show up and play at their best in order for this team to succeed.