3 former White Sox players we'll be glad are gone and 2 we'll wish stayed

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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2 players that the White Sox will miss in 2023

2. Johnny Cueto

The Chicago White Sox rotation is going to miss Johnny Cueto in 2023.

Johnny Cueto was one of the best stories in baseball last year. Without him, the White Sox would have had an even more disappointing season.

He left in free agency to play for the Miami Marlins. He earned that right as nobody knew what to expect from him coming into 2022. He went out there and showed the world that he made the adjustments needed to keep his career going.

The White Sox signed Mike Clevinger to be his replacement in the rotation. You already know why that has been a risk. Based on things on and off the field, it was a questionable decision. Cueto is already missed and the season hasn't even begun yet.

We have to hope that the 2023 White Sox play so well that we don't spend much time thinking about players on other teams.

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